What is Abdominoplasty?
Abdominoplasty or more populary known as Abdominopasty, is a surgical procedure that removes the excess skin and fat in the tummy area. It also corrects the weak muscles of the tummy for a firmer abdominal area. Although this can also be done through regular exercise and diet, abdominoplasty is a much faster way to achieve the desired body figure.

What is minor tummy tuck with umbilical transposition?
Minor tummy tuck without umbilical transposition is also considered as mini/limited tummy tuck. In here, less skin and fat are removed from the abdominal area and in order to decrease the deposited fats on the waist and abdomen, liposuction is used. There is less scar on this process as well as faster recovery. Moreover, in the minor tummy tuck, the loose skin is only located below the navel. The skin on the upper area of the navel does not need to be tightened too, if minimal fats and skin are required to be removed.

What is major tuck with umbilical transposition?
Major tummy tuck or full tummy tuck, is ideal for people who have lots of excess fat and skin to lose. There are bigger incisions done and there is a possibility of more scars, compared to the minor tummy tuck. On contrast to the minor tummy tuck, a lot of excess skin and fat on, above, and below the navel is present. If this is the case, the connection between the stomach area and the navel must be loosened. After that, the skin is pulled downwards to make it tighter and slimmer.

How the procedure is done?
For the procedure, there would be incisions done on various parts of the stomach. To remove fats deposited on the tummy, an incision is done just above the pubic area. Through this, the excess fat, tissues, and skin would be removed. If there patient has a loose skin above the navel area, a second incision is done to pull down the loose skin. If the goal is to tighten the tummy area, the muscles and tissues are brought together through sutures.

What to expect after Abdominoplasty?
After the procedure, patients are often encouraged to go for short walks to help blood circulation. Sitting for long hours, bending, lifting, and straining are also not recommended during the first few days. If there are surgical drains, bandages, and dressings, these are often removed or changed within the following week. There might also be some swelling, bruising, and numbness but these will all go away after some weeks to a few months.

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)