What is Lip Reduction and Repair?
Lip Reduction and Repair is a surgical procedure done to decrease the size of the lips. Having lips that are proportioned to one's face enhance the features of a person. The lips, on their own, must be in proportion with each other—meaning the bottom lip must stick out more than the upper lip and the upper lip must be thinner than the lower. But the problem is some people do not have this equal proportion. To achieve facial balance, one of the best ways is to have a lip reduction and repair.

Basically, the lips move in three different directions enabling the person to smile, frown, and purse. The doctor must have deep knowledge about the facial muscles and structure of a person to ensure a safe and efficient lip reduction and repair. The effects of this medical procedure is permanent and most of the time, it is done together with other surgeries like jaw and chin augmentation or nose lift.

How the procedure is done?
Lip reduction and repair is an outpatient surgical procedure that usually lasts for an hour or less. It is done initially by administering local or regional anesthesia, most of the time through oral sedatives. To start with, the doctor makes an incision on the whole length of the lip then on the interior part of the mouth. Tissues are then removed from the lips and the incision is closed with sutures. This could be done both on the upper and lower lip when needed.

What to expect after Lip Reduction and Recovery?
Right after the surgery, the patient might experience tightness and soreness on the lips. There could also be some pain on the coming days, but these could be fixed with painkillers. Swelling and bruising are also normal after the procedure, but it will not last long. When eating, it could be difficult at times due to the incisions so the recommended foods are pureed and soft.