What is Brachioplasty?
Brachioplasty, more commonly known as arm lift surgery, is a surgical procedure done to reshape the underportion of the arms, specifically the armpit to the elbow. Due to various causes like sudden weight loss or aging, the muscle and fats of the arms tend to droop down. To regain the youth, firmness, tone, and balanced appearance of the arms, brachioplasty is requested by patients.

Below are the different types of brachioplasty:

I. Axillary Brachioplasty/Mini-Arm Tuck
When the excess skin and fats are located close to the armpit, the usual procedure is pulling up and tucking the excess skin and fats into the armpit. There would be a minimal scar on the armpit that is not very visible.

II. Standard Brachioplasty/Arm Lift
The regular type of arm lift, commonly done on cases often described as "bat wing" arms that extend from the armpit to the elbows. There are more excess fats and skin that need to be removed through surgery.

III. Extended Brachioplasty/Arm Tuck
In addition to the "bat wings" on the arms, some people who went through sudden weight loss also tend to have repetitive skin folds on the side of their chest. To correct this, a surgical procedure to remove the excess fat and skin from the armpit to the elbows extending to the outer side of the chest, must be done.


What is Buccal Fat Removal?
Buccal Fat Removal is a surgical procedure also known as cheek reduction surgery. It is requested by patients who tend to have full round cheeks. For the procedure, local anesthesia is applied, incisions are done inside the mouth, and the excess fats are removed from the cheeks. The incisions are then sutured.


What is Cleft Chin and Dimple Creation?
Cleft Chin and Dimple Creation is a surgical procedure requested by patients who desire to have a cleft chin or dimples to improve the features of their face. There are no scars since the incisions are done inside the mouth, but there are permanent sutures to secure the cleft chins and dimples. It is an outpatient procedure and usually takes more or less an hour.


What is Scar Revision?
There are many reasons why people end up with scars on their bodies--it could be from an injury, surgery, illness, etc. These scars might seem permanent, but its appearance can be improved or concealed and there are so many ways to do this--like laser treatment or micro dermabrasion. Patients must remember though, the scars will not disappear, but they will become less visible.


What is Surgical Treatment for Hyperhidrosis?
Suction curettage of axillary area is a surgical procedure done to correct hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating without discernible cause, often experienced on the armpit. The procedure is done by administering local anesthetic, mapping out of the sweat glands, and application of the dressings after the surgery.