What is Rhytidectomy?
Rhytidectomy is more commonly known as Face-Lift. It is one of the most requested procedures to eliminate the wrinkles and sagging on the face caused by old age. The process of Rhytidectomy is simply done by lifting off the skin on the face then tightening the skin and tissues underneath. Then skin can also be repositioned on the face for a smoother and younger look. The procedure for the Rhytidectomy is similar to most cosmetic surgeries--anesthesia first, incisions on the temple area and circles on the ear, raising the skin, and tightening of the tissues and skins. If there are some fats that have deposited on the face, they are removed as well. The incision is then sutured.

Below are the basic types of Rhytidectomy:

I. Short Scar Facelift (MACS-LIFT)
The Short Scar Facelift (MACS-LIFT) is a specific type of face-lift wherein the incisions on the face are shorted and the scars are less visible due to the MACS technique. MACS stands for Minimal Access Cranian Suspension, which is done on patients that have loose neck and jaw line areas. The process of the Short Scar Facelift starts with the neck and chin area undergo a liposuction to eliminate fats. Incisions on strategic parts of the face are then done to perform the face-lift and minimize the scarring as well.

II. Brow Lift
The Brow Lift, also known as the forehead lift is done to decrease the wrinkles that develop on the forehead of aging people. The Brow Lift also corrects a low or sagging brow and smoothens out the frown lines. Two types of brow lift includes classic lift where there is only one continuous cut from the ears to the hair line and the endoscopic lift wherein the doctor makes shorter incisions on the scalp and inserts a small camera into the cuts then make the needed changes. Through the scope, the tissues are secured and there is less scarring and faster recovery.

III. Temporal Lift
Temporal Lift is often done on the eye area to reduce the wrinkles and other signs of aging. A lot of people opt for the temporal lift because it is not considered a major surgery and it deals with the first few signs of aging. There are no major incisions so there are no scars as well. The Temporal Lift also corrects the loose and sagging skin on the cheek and eyelids.

IV. Facial Sculpting (Lifting with Plasma)
Another one popular form of face-lift is the Facial Sculpting or Face Lifting using Plasma rich with platelets. It is made possible through the patient's own blood. The blood goes through a centrifuge where the plasma is isolated. This platelet-rich plasma contains regenerating elements that can enable collagen production and help a person look much younger. This is a non-surgical procedure and there would be no visible scars.