What is Butt Augmentation?
Butt Augmentation is a surgical procedure requested by patients who want to alter the size and shape of their butt, it only takes a few hours and it is an out-petient procedure. The two common ways to perform butt augmentation are through silicone implants or fats transplant.

I. Butt Augmentation with Implants
When silicone implants are used, the incisions are done between the areas of midline buttocks. In here, the silicone implants are inserted and positioned between the muscles and fats. There are different sizes and shapes for the implants and they can even be customized to the preference of the patient. Remember that only the upper and outer parts of the butt are improved, not the lower part.

II. Butt Augmentation with Fat
Aside from silicone implants, another method of butt augmentation is through the patient's own fats. These are harvested from various parts of the body, purified, and then re-injected into the butt area. This is also a great way to shape even the lower area of the butt, not just the upper area.

How the procedure is done?
Generally, butt augmentation is an outpatient medical procedure. The operation usually lasts for 2 to 3 hour. Once the patient is comfortably lying down on his/her stomach, general anesthesia is administered and incisions are made on the area where the butt meets the crease near the anus or the upper leg. In here, the silicone implants or fats are placed. The incisions are sutured and after just a few hours of rest, the patient can go home.

What to expect after Butt Augmentation?
After the Butt Augmentation procedure, patients might experience discomforts like pain and bruising. This is normal and it might take around two weeks for the person to go back to his regular routines. Lying down on the patient's back, where pressure is applied on the butt is not also recommended for a couple of weeks. Sitting on the butt is not an ideal thing to do as well, especially if the procedure was just done recently.

Butt Augmentation