What is Breast Augmentation?
Breast Augmentation is the process of altering the breast size of a woman. In this modern day where confidence can now be a choice, a lot of women result to breast augmentation in order to have a better body and more confidence. Breast augmentation is generally done by surgically inserting implants on the breast or chest muscles or removing excess fats from it. Depending on the patient, her breast size and shape, a doctor would recommend the ideal incision site, implant position, and type of implant for the patient. The most common implants are saline, silicone gel, or body fat.

Breast Reduction
Despite its large size, there are some instances where large breasts aren't proportioned with the body. These could also sag and cause problems like neck and back pain. Daily activities tend to become a chore to some large-breasted women too. Moreover, there are two ways to perform Breast Reduction, either by Surgical Procedure or Breast Liposuction.

I. Breast Reduction through Surgical Procedure
Through surgical procedure, the breast size can be decreased depending on the preference of the patient. The surgical procedure starts with the patient being administered with sedatives or general anesthesia, followed by incisions on the breast with options like—circular area around the areola, key-hole shaped pattern around the areola then vertically down to the creast of the breast, or an inverted-T or anchor-shaped pattern on the breast. Through these incisions, the excess fats, skin, and tissues are removed, resulting to the reduced the size of the breast.

II. Breast Reduction through Liposuction
Another way to decrease the breast size, without the marks of incision scars, is through Breast Liposuction. Similar with the traditional method of Liposuction, anesthesia is first administered to the patient, then a sterile liquid solution to decrease bleeding and trauma would be infused in the breast through a very small incision. A thin hollow tube will then be inserted into the breast to remove the fat. There would no sutures needed, just a surgical bra and Ace wrap.

What is Nipple / Areolar Repair?
A lot of people might be surprised that even nipples are being medically repaired. In the first place, what could go wrong with nipples? Several, actually. There are inverted nipples, enlarged nipples, sagging nipples, nipple reconstruction, and even areolar repair which decreases the size of the dark area of the breast. There are also various reasons that cause these nipple and areola problems like breastfeeding, genetics, aging, etc.


Breast Augmentation