Today’s advanced laser technology allows safe and effective removal for Birthmarks and tattoos. Whether you have an unsightly birthmark or ink that has long lost its significance, laser removal may be for you. Compared to procedures in the past, laser removal of birthmarks or tattoos is fast, convenient, and relatively pain free. Past methods were painful and invasive. For example, if you wanted a tattoo removed, you could either have it sanded off or have it surgically excised, with possible need for a skin graft.

How it works
Laser therapy fragments the birthmark or the tattoo with pulses of highly concentrated laser light. The laser is designed to only target the treatment area, using only frequencies that will spare the surrounding tissue. After the laser fragments the targeted birthmark pigment or tattoo, the skin’s immune system will work to remove the fragmented pieces from the skin.

What to Expect After the Treatment
Depending on the tattoo or the birthmark, it may take anywhere between one to ten sessions to remove. Each session penetrates deeper, leaving the tattoo or birthmark progressively lighter after each treatment. You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Throughout their lives, a lot of people will develop stretch marks at some point. Stretch marks can appear for a number of reasons. It could be due to pregnancy, or perhaps a significant weight gain. Either way, those stretch marks can make you feel really bad about yourself, especially if they are in a noticeable place on your body.

There are multiple options for the treatment of stretch marks. At Nouvelle Clinic, we will first evaluate your condition and will explain the different options to you. We will help you choose a treatment plan that best fits your condition and your goals.

1. Fractional Co2 Laser
This procedure involves the use of a laser to get rid of the section of skin where stretch marks have formed. Once this old skin that contains the stretch marks has been eliminated, then new and unmarked skin will soon grow in its place and will leave you stretch mark free. This treatment is widely used because there is a very low risk of side effects associated with it.

2. Skin Needling
Stretch Marks are caused by tears in the skins surface during periods of quick growth. The skin underneath the stretch mark lacks sufficient collagen. By boosting these levels, the Skin Needling successfully helps remove your stretch marks to get your skin looking great again. Using Skin Needling actually causes stretch marks to disappear completely over a long period of time.

3. Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel)
This method is a type of skin resurfacing technique that employs the use of very tiny crystals to get rid of the top layers of skin. Although this is not considered a very effective way to remove stretch marks, it can work well when it is used along with other types of stretch mark removal techniques.

4. Chemical Peeling
Using a chemical peel for stretch marks can be very effective. It’s a gradual process that takes a lot of time and commitment, but it is one of the most effective techniques available. Peeling removes the first few layers of damaged skin to expose fresher looking skin below. When done over and over, the skin “pushes up” damage from the deeper layers, where stretch marks occur. Peeling also stimulates your skin’s healing response, resulting in thicker skin with a more regular matrix.

Birthmark Removal